On My Works

My works are revelations of personal experiences. The paintings are usually based on my drawing books are like a daily journal, a chronicle of my thoughts, observations, emotions and experiences. From these narrative exercises, I am working with imaginative suggestions of emotion through symbolic allusions and luxuriant decorative form.
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About Me


Devan Madangarly

Born in Thrangali, Ottappalam 1958
A Self-taught Artist
Did a Foundation course of Drawing and Painting from Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmadabad, 1990-1991.


My works are revelations stanching out from personal experience. I am unable to spot out the sprouts from where it originates, of which I could only say that it has an affinity to my experiences. Before it transcends itself to iconic conventions. I often attempt to make them narratives. I narrate these stories to myself. These exercises emancipate me from the trauma of these experiences. That enables me to utilize the ornate style of a narrator while drawing back the experiences to canvases. That helps me to escape from the mundane to the freedom of the imaginary world.

North Indian Miniatures, Mural paintings and the picturesque landscapes of Kerala have its bearing on my art.

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